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Swiss Post implements digital health platform in south-east Switzerland

(sp) Swiss Post is implementing a platform for the comprehensive exchange of digital health and treatment data in the canton of Graubünden. The platform is available for members of the ‘eHealth Südost Association’. Swiss Post has been developing and running eHealth solutions for the electronic transfer of confidential healthcare information for some years now.
Swiss Post recently won a tender with its comprehensive range of services for a digital healthcare platform in the south-east Switzerland region. In addition to the electronic patient record system (in accordance with the Federal Law on the Electronic Patient Record or EPDG), the service also includes typical B2B applications, such as referral and transfer, e-medication and e-prescription. The service package also includes the secure transfer of medical documents. Also B2C applications , such as e-vaccination records, are included. The ‘eHealth Südost Association’ is also evaluating the option of a service center which could carry out core community functions for the association. Examples of these functions are the registration of patients (including instruction and training), archiving, data protection and data security tasks.

Is Stanley Gibbons Up For Sale?

(sg/lsn) The renowned British stamp firm and catalogue publisher Stanley Gibbons in London (England) has confirmed that it is open to takeover offers from any interested party. In the announcement of Stanley Gibbons the company refers to the restructuring efforts that the firm started last year.
Stanley Gibbons is a company regarded as a mainstay of the British philatelic world. The firm has a 161-year history and is listed on the AIM (London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investments Market). As such, SG must promptly inform shareholders and the public of any matters affecting its valuation. Stanley Gibbons now states that it recently received an inquiry from Disruptive Capital Finance, a London-based investor. SG regards the inquiry of Disruptive Capital Finance as an expression of interest in buying the Stanley Gibbons Group or some of its parts. However, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reports that Disruptive has denied that is has been made definite offer.

Source: AIJP News

Norwegian Ship Mail Collection of Dr. Albert Louis under the gavel

(wm) Anyone who has known the late Dr. Albert Louis will be aware of the fact that he was one of the most important collectors specializing in Netherlands philately. But only few people know that he also busied himself with a small but important 'sub-area': Norwegian Ship Mail.
The auction house Corinphila - the managing director of this firm is his son Karl Louis – will auction this collection next month; it contains stamps, covers and documents stemming from the period 1855 until 1900. It concerns just a little more than 100 lots, which is a modest collection, but the contents of the collection are very interesting and sometimes important. The lots contain selected letters and stamps with their corresponding shipping postmarks, relevant manuscripts or handwritten references. All this with regard to transport by ship during the aforementioned period. The collection shows the development of the Norwegian Ship Mail, which was of great importance for the deliverance along Norway’s the coast. Let's not forget that this coast counts numerous fjords and is about 20.000 kilometers long!
The "Norway Shipmail" Collection of Dr. Louis will be auctioned by Corinphila in Zürich on 8 June 2017. See the website or ask for more information by sending an email message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Swiss Stamps Will Become Interactive

With its first stamp edition of 2017, Swiss Post creates a bridge between traditional stamps and the digital world. At first glance, the stamps present themselves as usual as artwork in small format, and as witnesses of contemporary events. This will remain the case in the future as well. At the same time, each stamp will also now contain multimedia elements. In this way, the subjects on the stamps come to life, or even interact with the viewer. This is made possible using a smartphone and the Post-App.
Customer needs are changing, as are those of the philatelist, sais Swiss Post. The Post is responding to these trends: Swiss Post stamps have entered the digital world. In future, the stamp subjects will come to life through multi-media, simply by scanning them using the free Post-App. Additional information will be presented in the form of text, image, sound or video. On the other hand, the new stamps can also contain interactive elements, such as surveys or competitions. In addition, the scanned stamps can be ordered directly by smartphone.

The options available for the new generation of stamps are demonstrated in the recent “Animal babies” issue. The Berne designer Simon Hofer created four special stamps showing baby versions of a bear, wolf, lynx and otter. The stamps look traditional, but if you scan the stamp motif, an entertaining video will provide additional facts about the individual animal species. ‘These exciting videos will put a smile on your face’, promises Swiss Post.

Source: AIJP News

Hawaiian Website Introduces Children to Philately

The website of the American stamp magazine Linn’s Stamp News reports about an interesting initiative, reported by William F. Sharpe. When Sharpe and his wife went to the Post Office of Kihei (Hawaii) to send some postcards to "the folks at home" - they parked their car behind an automobile that had a sticker on its bumper that read: I'd rather be collecting stamps. When a gentleman got out of this car, William used this occasion to ask him if he was a stamp collector. Yes, indeed, I am a collector, said the man, whose name was Robert W. Martin. And he proceeded to tell William and his wife about his activities in collecting, including running a website for young collectors. Martin proved to be a volunteer at public elementary schools, to introduce children to stamp collecting. He said that stamp collecting is rich in history and covers virtually every topic, from cartoons to famous actors, politicians, cars, trains, planes, boats, motorcycles, dinosaurs, kings and queens, princes and princesses, historical events, plants, animals, and so much more.

His website is a fine example of how children can get acquainted with philately. Robert Martin also publishes a monthly newsletter, called the Philatelikid. It is available to read or download online. Back issues also are available. The address of the website that he maintains is

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