Stolen or missing items

Stolen a package in Belgium with a series of stamps of Spain from our partner Mr. Mario Mirman – Subastas Sevilla.

three letters got lost in the mail to the United States

Schiffspostbrief mit rotem Schiffsstempel Stäfa nach Kerenzen
Waadt 4 Brief vom 24.Nov.1849 von Genève
Stadtbrief von Basel, 08.Jan.1850, anstelle einer Basler Tauben-Frankatur als Portobrief aufgegeben

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After Europhilex 2015 we missed two covers

Xavier Llach
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Theft in our seat 10 March 2014

We have undergone a burglary in our seat on the night between Sunday 9 March and Monday 10 March
According to the investigators, it may be considered a commissioned theft; investigations are still in progress
and it will take the necessary time.

The crime has been regularly reported to the Carabinieri in Vignola,
with transcript MOCS20 2014 VD 900499.

A great many of the material stolen was the one available in our site (updated yesterday), and therefore
photographed; whereas the remaining items had not been classified yet.
They are mainly items of postal history, postage stamps, fragments and lots of the following sections: Italian
States, Kingdom of Italy, Italian Social Republic and Regency, Trieste AMG-VG/FTT, Italian Post Offices
abroad, occupations, military, destinations, Risorgimento, San Marino, Vatican and foreign countries; besides
cancellations of many regions of Italy and assorted Italian Colonies.
Part of the material stolen is detailed in the following link.

Filatelia – Editoria

Marke auf dem Postweg in die USA verschwunden

Reported: 7.10.2011

Rayon II mit voller Kreuzeinfassung! Eine der ganz grossen Alt-Schweiz-Seltenheiten, die in den meisten Sammlungen drin fehlt. Stein A3LU, Type 20 mit schwarzem P.P. Ausbesserungen, aber sehr schöne Präsentation!

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